Originally published in 1952. This book addresses one of the most pressing problems in town planning – the proper place of industry in our towns. The author writes from the standpoint of a town planner who realizes that factories are just as important as houses and schools, and that if industry does not prosper, all our schemes for urban reconstruction must fail through the lack of the necessary resources. In the course of his research he has visited hundreds of factories to get the necessary facts at first hand. Almost as a by-product he describes in simple terms the manufacture of such varied objects (to paraphrase Lewis Carroll) as "ships and needles and silverware; chocolates and glue." Plenty of photographs of industrial buildings in Britain and abroad are included, which show how great an architectural transformation is possible, and that an industrial area can become one of the showplaces of a town.

part One|101 pages

The General Picture

chapter 1|5 pages


chapter 2|6 pages

Distribution of Industry

chapter 3|8 pages

Location of Industry

chapter 4|8 pages

The Theory of Industrial Zoning

chapter 5|9 pages

Industrial Estates

chapter 6|7 pages

Small Factories and Workshops

chapter 7|13 pages

Industrial Architecture

chapter 8|9 pages

Industrial Nuisance

chapter 9|4 pages

Special Industries

chapter 10|13 pages


chapter 11|4 pages

Human Relations

chapter 12|5 pages

Industrial Surveys

chapter 13|8 pages

Industrial Density

part Two|1 pages

Survey of Individual Industries

chapter 14|19 pages

Clay Products and Glass

chapter 15|15 pages

Cement and Quarry Products

chapter 16|17 pages


chapter 17|16 pages

Soap and Oils

chapter 18|15 pages

Metal Manufacture

chapter 19|20 pages


chapter 20|17 pages

Metal Goods

chapter 21|18 pages


chapter 22|7 pages

Leather and Fur

chapter 23|7 pages


chapter 24|28 pages


chapter 25|10 pages

Drink and Tobacco

chapter 26|9 pages

Wood and Cork

chapter 27|12 pages

Paper and Printing

chapter 28|17 pages

Other Manufacturing Industries

chapter 29|9 pages

Gas and Electricity

chapter 30|8 pages

Conclusions and Recommendations