Multi-Dimensional Therapy with Families, Children and Adults: The Diamond Model is a comprehensive introduction to a model of multi-systemic, integrative, culturally competent, child and family-oriented psychotherapy: The Diamond Model.

This model integrates a great number of concepts, methods and techniques, found in diverse fields such as the various branches of psychology and psychotherapy, cultural anthropology, biology, linguistics and more, into a single linguistically unified theoretical and methodological framework. Through this model, the author presents clinical cases to help explore various internal and external factors that lead individuals and families to seek out therapy. The book also reserves a special place for examining play therapeutic and culturally competent techniques.

With vivid clinical examples throughout, Multi-Dimensional Therapy with Families, Children and Adults serves both as a theory-to-practice guide and as a reference book for therapists working with children and families in training and practice.  

chapter |4 pages


part 1|46 pages

Theoretical and methodological foundations

part 2|54 pages

The internal and external subsystems

chapter 4|24 pages

The internal subsystems

chapter 5|28 pages

The external subsystems

part 3|46 pages

Multi-systemic diagnosis

part 4|87 pages


chapter 8|16 pages

Planning and carrying out the therapy

chapter 11|11 pages

Monitoring the therapeutic process

chapter |2 pages