Over the course of his life, Keynes often abandoned ideas previously developed and at times assumed positions which were contradictory to his earlier thought. This inconsistency, it is charged, is especially true of his thinking in the field of international economics where he alternated between fee trade and protection. This book, first published in 1987, examines in detail the positions that Keynes adopted in the years 1909-1946.

part I|2 pages

Keyhes’ Nationalism Evidenced by his Opposition to the Intentional Gold Standard

chapter I|19 pages


part II|119 pages

The Evolution of Keynes’ Thinking on Foreign Trade Theory and Policy

chapter VII|10 pages

Keykes’ Early Free Trade Views

chapter VIII|20 pages

The Treatise on Money

chapter IX|18 pages

Addendum I to the Macmillan Report

chapter X|27 pages

The Revenue Tariff Episode

chapter XI|10 pages

Great Britain’s Abando

chapter XII|16 pages

The Means to Prosperity

chapter XIII|17 pages

National Self-Sufficiency

part III|1 pages

Keynes’ Foreign Trade Views during the Era of the General

part IV|1 pages

Keynes of the World War II Era

chapter XVIII|32 pages

The International Currency Proposals

chapter XX|26 pages

Tee Anglo-American Financial Arrangements

chapter XXI|11 pages