Far from dissolving, this effort demonstrates the ongoing vitality of geography as a profession. In a world increasingly sensitive to the problems of people and resources, geography has constantly provided the basic information for its sister sciences, economics, political science, sociology and demography, This book turns, attention to geography itself, in an incisive survey of the development of the discipline as a science. "A Hundred Years of Geography" draws together the threads of a century of progress, from the first scientific explorations and mappings to present-day trends toward specialization and generalization. It contains a synoptic view of the development of the various aspects of geography, showing how the field has been differentiated from associated disciplines and how it has differentiated and specialized within itself. The book also offers two important reference tools: a bibliography of the important geographical works published throughout the world, and biographical sketches of ninety important geographers. It is informative, stimulating, urbane and civilized reading, as well as being an excellent introductory text and reference work to recent scholarship in the field of geography.

chapter 1|15 pages

Changing Geography

chapter 2|23 pages

Geography from the Mid-Nineteenth Century

chapter 4|27 pages

Geography in the Early Twentieth Century

chapter 5|22 pages

Physical Geography

chapter 6|27 pages

The Regional Approach

chapter 7|28 pages

Economic Factors in Geography

chapter 8|32 pages

Social Geography

chapter 9|21 pages

Political Geography

chapter 10|20 pages

The Advance of Cartography

chapter 11|20 pages

Neither a Beginning Nor an End