Because of recent changes in the explicitly declared goals of Arabs in the Palestinian conflict, this book is of singular importance, and no scholar or expert on Middle East affairs can afford to ignore it.

This work, by a scholar described as "the doyen of Israeli Arabists," is the result of vast research into the attitude of the Arabs toward Israel, manifested both in their declared, explicit aims and in ideological exegeses on the roots of the Palestinian problem. Approximately one hundred twenty books written by Arabs and the Arab press and radio are herein analyzed. Harkabi's searching examination is objective. His detection of consistent patterns in what at first seems amorphous is convincing. If there is such a thing as a science of political psychology, Harkabi is its master.

chapter 1|484 pages

The Arab Objective in The Conflict

chapter 2|437 pages

The Arab Ideology of The Conflict

chapter 3|377 pages

Hostility and The Concept of The Enemy

chapter 4|320 pages


chapter 5|279 pages

The Jews

chapter 6|49 pages


chapter 7|145 pages

The Arabs’ Self-Image in The Conflict

chapter 8|119 pages

From Ideology to Attitude

chapter 9|54 pages

Possibilities of Change