Most early approaches to encouraging social development focused on economic and technical issues. This volume begins from the premise that economic and technical patterns are embedded in cultural patterns. These patterns of custom and belief are sometimes elaborate, and they can act as barriers to technical or economic change. This volume presents case studies of social change, developing a model for analysis and action. An analytic guide is presented for each case history, and the editor points out factors that influenced the outcome of the project. The volume ais designed for people in the field, and is intended to be of practical usefulness.

From hundreds of case histories, Arthur H. Niehoff selected nineteen that most clearly exemplify the technique of the innovator, the motivations of potential recipients and the reactions of these recipients due to local cultural patterns and values. These case histories of efforts at innovation in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia illustrate the specific problems facing American change agents abroad and define the basic ingredients of socio-economic change. Covering the types of problems innovators most frequently encounter in developing nations, Niehoff's compendium of successful and unsuccessful attempts at change demonstrates concretely the theoretical principles set forth.

Prospective change agents gain fruitful insights into many problems by studying the practical examples of the programs of change agents in a wide variety of situations. Each of the case-histories is analyzed in the context of a socio-cultural concept of change, emphasizing the principles and factors of change. This book presents essential guidelines for perceiving and dealing with the cultural aspects of a change situation for all students of applied anthropology and social change.

chapter 1|9 pages


chapter 2|32 pages

The Process of Innovation

chapter 4|19 pages

Community Development in Highland Peru

chapter 5|14 pages

Community Development in Brazil

chapter 6|16 pages

Rural Self-Help in Costa Rica

chapter 8|6 pages

Resettlement to New Lands in Nigeria

chapter 10|20 pages

Urban Community Development in South Africa

chapter 11|9 pages

Range Management in the Somali Republic

chapter 12|11 pages

Developing a Village Co-operative in Israel

chapter 13|16 pages

Rural Development in East Pakistan

chapter 14|26 pages

Community Development in India

chapter 15|8 pages

Health Education in Village India

chapter 16|8 pages

Factionalism in Village India

chapter 17|13 pages

Buddhism and Development in Laos

chapter 18|9 pages

Community Development in Hong Kong

chapter 19|13 pages

Family Planning in Taiwan

chapter 20|23 pages

Village Improvement in the Philippines

chapter 21|16 pages

A Literacy Campaign in Sarawak