Personal account of one of the Westerners who helped build modern Japan (see also study by Pedlar - also available from Curzon Press).

chapter 36|2 pages

Personal Judgements APPENDIX

chapter |10 pages


chapter 1|4 pages

My Appointment To Japan

chapter 2|3 pages

The First Telegraph In Japan

chapter 3|4 pages

Laying Out A New Settlement

chapter 4|1 pages

Water And Light

chapter 5|2 pages

Building Iron Bridges

chapter 6|3 pages

Osaka: An Interned City

chapter 7|7 pages

Taming The Rivers

chapter 8|2 pages

The Gold Mines Of Sado

chapter 9|4 pages

The Pioneer Railway In The Far East

chapter 10|5 pages

Maps, Surveys And Engineering Education

chapter 11|3 pages

The New Coinage

chapter 12|1 pages

The Great Fire In Tokio

chapter 13|4 pages

The Craze Fc,r Steamers

chapter 14|6 pages

Location Of '!'he Lighthouses

chapter 15|4 pages

In The Historic Port Of Nagasaki

chapter 16|3 pages

Buying A Lighthouse Tender

chapter 17|5 pages

My Visit To Satsuma

chapter 18|2 pages

The American Warship Oneida

chapter 19|15 pages

The Purchase Of The Thabor

chapter 20|2 pages

The Jealous Japanese

chapter 21|4 pages

The Dockyard At Y okosuka

chapter 22|2 pages

The Expedition To Formosa

chapter 23|9 pages


chapter 24|2 pages

Necessity, The Mother Of Invention

chapter 25|2 pages

Building Ships

chapter 26|4 pages

Audience Of The Emperor

chapter 27|4 pages

The Great Embassy To The Treaty Powers

chapter 28|5 pages

Home Again With The Japanese In England

chapter 29|3 pages

Japanese Petroleum

chapter 30|9 pages

Women's Education In Japan

chapter 31|2 pages

The Japanese In Bad Temper

chapter 32|4 pages

The Yokohama Harbour Scheme

chapter 33|7 pages

Maintaining Discipline

chapter 34|3 pages

Keeping Up The Standard

chapter 35|6 pages

The Riu Kiu Islands

chapter 36|4 pages

Personal Judgements

chapter |2 pages


chapter |16 pages

Notes by Sir Hugh Cortazzi