This text addresses the interface of sociology and psychology which, it argues, is the key to political change. Offering a comparison of a range of psychotherapeutic theories of human nature, including those of Freud and Anna Freud, Klein and Kleininans and Lacan, humanisticpsychology, and feminist, trans-cultural and other radical psychotherapies, the book focuses on each theory's psychological concept of health and its political implications.

chapter 1|11 pages


chapter 2|17 pages

Starting points

chapter 3|17 pages

Conflicting concepts of health

chapter 4|24 pages

Freud and the inevitability of discontent

chapter 5|17 pages

Melanie Klein: A social emotion

chapter 6|16 pages

Jacques Lacan: Exposing the myth of agency

chapter 7|16 pages

Humanistic psychology: Saved by synergy

chapter 8|24 pages

Four radical approaches

chapter 9|25 pages

Conclusion: If humanly possible