EG Council Tax Handbook is a timely publication. The text is easy to understand and very comprehensive. This volume helps to define the council tax in various contexts.

part 1|23 pages

Council Tax and its History

chapter 1|12 pages

Council Tax — An Overview

part 2|38 pages

Organisations and Structures

chapter 3|10 pages

Government and Other Official Bodies

chapter 5|16 pages

Information — Sources and Uses

part 3|22 pages

Property and Management

chapter 6|10 pages

Property Covered by Council Tax

chapter 7|10 pages

Property Management, Building and Works

part 4|45 pages

Administration and Recovery of Council Tax

chapter 8|12 pages

Administration of Council Tax

chapter 9|11 pages

Council Tax Benefit

chapter 10|9 pages

Counter-fraud Practice

chapter 11|9 pages

Best Value and Performance

part 5|21 pages

Council Tax Payers

chapter 12|8 pages

Council Tax Payers

part 6|33 pages

Valuation Lists and Assessment

chapter 15|11 pages

Valuation or Assessment for Council Tax

chapter 16|11 pages

Practical Aspects of Valuations

part 7|24 pages

Dispute Resolution

chapter 17|7 pages

Framework for the Resolution of Disputes

chapter 18|14 pages

Settlement of Particular Disputes

part 8|16 pages

Additions or Alternatives to Council Tax

chapter 19|14 pages

Search for Additions or Alternatives