Inspections and Reports on Dwellings is a series of four books, the first three of which have already been published to considerable success. This concluding book covers reports prepared before dwellings are put on the market for sale, whether as a legal requirement or on a voluntary basis. All take into account guidelines laid down by the Courts for this type of work.

Sellers’ surveys are not new, but only now have standard formats been developed.
In England and Wales this is the Home Condition Report, with its Energy Performance Certificate, which can only be prepared by Licensed Home Inspectors.

The Home Inspectors hold a Diploma in Home Inspection, sometimes with an add-on Certificate in Valuation of Residential Property for Secured Lending and they are members of a Government approved certification scheme.

In Scotland each dwelling must have a Single Survey Report carried out before it goes on the market from 1 December 2008. The Single Survey Report describes the condition, sets out accessibility information, contains a valuation and energy reports. Initially only Chartered Surveyors will be authorised to do this work. Both Inspectors and Surveyors have to follow Codes of Conduct and Practice, carry professional indemnity insurance and allow their reports to be monitored to maintain standards – an entirely new concept.

The book examines the relevant legislation and looks closely at the entire qualification and certification process for Home Inspector Valuers. Additionally the likely reaction of sellers, buyers and lenders are discussed. A substantial section is devoted to lending on dwellings and the practicalities of their valuation by the Comparative, Investment and Residual methods following the requirements of the ‘Red Book’. Four detailed sample reports are included to demonstrate how reports must be presented.

The book is intended for all those engaged in the preparation of reports on
dwellings whether experienced, newly qualified or studying. As well as being
an essential book for surveyors it will also be of considerable interest to
solicitors and estate agents, particularly those based in Scotland.

The authors, experienced Chartered Surveyors, have written extensively on the
diagnosis of defects in dwellings and are joint authors of the successful EG
Books publication The Repair and Maintenance of Houses, 2nd edn.

chapter |10 pages

Section 1 Background

chapter |32 pages

Section 2 Legislation

chapter |24 pages

Section 3 Sellers, Buyers and the Reports

chapter |32 pages

Section 5 Site Notes

chapter |46 pages

Section 11 Sample Home Report: House

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Section 12 Sample Home Report: Flat