This book is the fourth in a series of volumes to emerge from the commemoration by the University of Hull of the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the British Empire, and in particular an international conference held to discuss some of the legacies of Caribbean slavery and its abolition. Most of the chapters of this book originated as papers presented on the final day of that conference.

MIGRATION, SETTLEMENT AND DISPARITY, 1. The West Indian Dimension of Western Europe 2. Caribbean Diaspora - The Inheritance of Slavery: Migration from the Commonwealth Caribbean 3. The Politics of ‘Surplus Colonial Labour’: Black Immigration to Britain and Governmental Responses, 1940-1962 4. Patterns of Afro-Caribbean Migration and Settlement in Great Britain: 1945 ・ 1981 5. Migration and Exclusion: Caribbean Echoes and British Realities 6. The Heritage of Slavery and Social Disadvantage, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL THEMES 7. Prospects and Problems of Afro-Caribbeans in the British Education System, 8. Processes of Ethnic Identification Among Surinamese Children in the Netherlands 9. Tradition and Continuity: The Force of Afro- Caribbean Music 10. The Relevance of West Indian Literature to Caribbean Heritage People Living in Britain 11. Black Youth and Sport in the United Kingdom