This book provides a comprehensive survey of Modern Movement houses constructed with steel frames. Arranged chronologically and thematically, it traces the development over the last seventy years of steel houses in Europe, Australia and the United States, with special reference to London, Paris, Sydney and Los Angeles and to the work elsewhere of Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson and Jean Prouve. Examples of steel houses from around the world demonstrate that steel structures can provide a better quality of life within a cleaner, lighter home environment.

part |1 pages

Part 1: The Modern Steel House 1929-1939

chapter 1|9 pages

Two Modern Steel Houses

chapter 2|6 pages

The International Style

chapter 3|16 pages

Exhibition and innovation

part |1 pages

Part 2: The Modern Steel House in America

chapter 1|7 pages

Arts and Architecture

chapter 2|16 pages

Los Angeles in the 1940s

chapter 3|12 pages

Chicago in the 1940s

chapter 4|8 pages

San Francisco in the 1950s

chapter 5|17 pages

Los Angeles in the 1950s

part |3 pages

Part 3: The Modern Steel House in Europe and Australia

part |2 pages

Part 4: Four Responses

chapter 1|5 pages

The structural response

chapter 2|7 pages

The metaphorical response

chapter 3|9 pages

The regional response

chapter 4|9 pages

The market response