As the controversies surrounding performance related pay have demonstrated, reward management is a key issue. Collecting the results of 'fieldwork' investigations in factories and retail outlets, this book measures output before and after a change in methods of remuneration. The link between productivity and stress is explored and conclusions drawn.

An introductory chapter, by the eminent economist P. Sargant Florence summarises previously published productivity studies.

Chapter I - Past & Present Incentive Study By P. Sargant Florence 1. Past Research into Productivity 2. Conceptual Framework 3. Concentration on Economic Incentives 4. Accident, Absence and Labour Turnover Rates of Whole Groups as Measures of Incentive 5. Incentive and Disincentive Effects of Higher Wages 6. Isolating the Incentive Effect 7. The Scope for Large Increases in Productivity Chapter II - Productivity and Earnings in Manufacturing By J.P. Davison and N.S. Ross 1. The Scope of the Problem 2. The Approach to the Problem 3. Schemes of Wage-Payment 4. Economic Incentives and the Wage-Structure 5. Changes in Productivity, Earnings and Costs at Factories A to E 6. Summary Chapter III - Attitudes and Reactions of Factory Workers ByJ.P. Davison and N.S. Ross 1. Variable Factors in Economic Incentives 2. Investigation of Workers' Reactions 3. Summary of Trade Union Views 4. Analysis of Interviews 5. Conclusions 6. Summary Tabulations of Interview Analyses Chapter IV - Incentives and Productivity in Laundries By Barbara Gray 1. Introduction 2. Results in Twelve Selected Laundries B to N 3. Laundry A as a Whole 4. Changes in the Productive Departments of Laundry A 5. Effects on Output, Earnings and Labour-costs 6. Changes and Effects in the Delivery Department 7. Workers' Attitudes to Incentive Schemes 8. Summary and Conclusions Chapter V - Incentives and Shop Productivity in Co-operative Societies By Barbara Gray 1. Introductory Survey: Societies A to E 2. Grocery Incentive Scheme, Society F 3. Grocery Incentive Schemes, Society G 4. Dry Goods Incentive Scheme, Society G Chapter VII - Trade Union and Labour Reactions to the Application of Incentives and the Industrial Relations Background in Factory C By N.S. Ross 1. Purpose of this Case-Study 2. Initial Reluctance to Accept Incentive Schemes 3. Background and Illustrations of the Prevailing Relations 4. Application of the Scheme 5. Problems during the Application of the Scheme 6. Problems arising out of the Scheme Chapter VIII - A Summary 1. Factory Incentive Schemes and their Effect 2. Correlation of Attitudes, Output and Earnings 3. Additional Evidence on Incentive Effect Conditions for Success of Economic Incentives; the Questions of Procedure