The concluding part of Coral Gardens and Their Magic provides a linguistic commentary to the ethnography on agriculture. Malinowski gives a full description of the language of the Trobrianders as an aspect of culture.

part |3 pages

Part Four An Ethnographic Theory of Language and Some Practical Corollaries

chapter II|12 pages

The Translation of Untranslatable Words

chapter III|22 pages

The Context of Words and the Context of Facts

chapter IV|7 pages

The Pragmatic Setting of Utterances

chapter V|10 pages

Meaning as Function of Words

part |4 pages

Part Five Corpus Inscriptionum Agriculturae Quiriviniensis; or the Language of Gardens

chapter I|9 pages

Land and Gardens

chapter II|10 pages

The Crops

chapter III|10 pages

The Crops: Staple Produce of the Gardens

chapter VI|13 pages

The Technique and Outfit of Agriculture

chapter VII|11 pages


chapter VIII|7 pages

Inaugurative Magical Ceremonies

chapter IX|7 pages

Magic of Growth

chapter X|5 pages

The Magic of Harvest and of Plenty

chapter XI|7 pages

A Few Texts Relating to Garden Magic

part |2 pages

Part Six An Ethnographic Theory of the Magical Word