Media Production Agreements is an invaluable reference tool for film, television and video producers and has been written specifically for all those involved in the media industry. Providing legal information and sound advice on the structuring of deals and negotiated agreements, this authoritative guide identifies potential pitfalls in the drafting and arrangement of contracts and proposals.
Media Production Agreements contains legal agreements which independent producers, writers and all those involved in the film and television industry are faced with at the outset of a project. Typical agreements and sample contracts are presented in the text and practical explanatory notes provide clarification, caveats and advice.
Contracts and agreements discussed include:
* option and literary purchase
* writer's and director's agreement
* co-production agreement
* distribution agreement
* location agreement
* non-disclosure agreement
* release from a living person
* release for extras
* name product and logo release agreement
* licence to reproduce still photographs.

chapter 1|62 pages

Option and Literary Purchase Agreement

chapter 2|52 pages

Writer's Agreement

chapter 3|50 pages

Director's Agreement

chapter 4|26 pages

Co-Production Agreement

chapter 5|40 pages

Distribution Agreement

chapter 6|10 pages

Finder Agreement

chapter 7|16 pages

Presenter Agreement

chapter 8|10 pages

Production Manager Agreement

chapter 9|8 pages

Location Agreement

chapter 10|8 pages

Non-Disclosure Agreement

chapter 11|6 pages

Submission Release

chapter 12|8 pages

Release from a Living Person

chapter 14|4 pages

Release Form (Extras)

chapter 15|4 pages

Name/Product/Logo Release