This is the first book in English to give a comprehensive account of how soldiers, officials, Christians and workers in Germany fought together to frustrate Hitler's aims.

part |2 pages

PART ONE Analysis

chapter I|7 pages

Why was Hitler allowed to gain power?

chapter III|30 pages

The development of the Widerstand

chapter IV|18 pages

Modes of Widerstand

chapter V|20 pages

The difficulties of the Widerstand

chapter VI|14 pages

The aims of the Widerstand

chapter VII|8 pages

The West and the Widerstand

part |2 pages

PART TWO A Portrait Gallery

chapter |1 pages

PART TWO Introduction

chapter 1|2 pages

A Portrait Gallery 1 Georg Elser

chapter 4|7 pages

Ludwig Beck

chapter 5|3 pages

Giinther von Kluge

chapter 6|8 pages

Wilhelm Canaris

chapter 7|4 pages

Hans Oster

chapter 8|2 pages

Arthur Nebe

chapter 9|6 pages

Carl Goerdeler

chapter 10|7 pages

Ernst Freiherr von Weizsiicker

chapter 11|8 pages

Adam Freiherr von Trott zu Solz

chapter 12|8 pages

Helmuth James Graf von Moltke

chapter 13|5 pages

Julius Leber

chapter 14|3 pages

Wilhelm Leuschner

chapter 15|3 pages

Adolf Reichwein

chapter 16|3 pages

Anton Saefkow

chapter 17|3 pages

Harro Schulze-Boysen

chapter 18|4 pages

Martin Niemoller

chapter 19|9 pages

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

chapter 20|4 pages

Bishop Konrad Graf von Preysing

chapter 21|2 pages

Bernhard Lichtenberg

chapter 22|3 pages

Franz Jiigerstiitter

chapter 23|4 pages

'The White Rose'

chapter 24|5 pages

Kurt Gerstein

part |2 pages

PART THREE Six Questions

chapter 5|1 pages

What did the Widerstand achieve?

chapter 6|1 pages

Has the Widerstand a lesson for today?

chapter |5 pages

ANNEX A: Numbers