Contextualizes and annotates the influential, scandalous, and entertaining texts which appeared in the Blackwood's Magazine between 1817 and 1825. This title features a detailed general introduction, volume introductions and endnotes, providing the reader with an understanding of the origins and early history of Blackwood's Magazine.

chapter |6 pages

Anon. ‘A Curious Old Song’

(II, October 1817 (2nd edn), p. 89)

chapter |5 pages

Anon. (‘H.’) ‘The Shade of Burns to Its Tormentors’

(II, November 1817, pp. 204–5)

chapter |3 pages

Peter George Patmore (‘P. G. P.’) ‘Sonnets to Mr Wordsworth’

(II, February 1818, pp. 512–13)

chapter |5 pages

Anon. (‘A Lady’) ‘Elegy on the Death of an Idiot Girl’

(II, February 1818, pp. 533–4)

chapter |8 pages

John Gibson Lockhart et al. (?) 1 ‘Notices to Correspondents’

(II, March 1818, n.p.) 2

chapter |3 pages

Thomas Hamilton (‘James Hogg’) ‘To the Publisher’

(II, March 1818, n.p.) 1

chapter |8 pages

Felicia Hemans (‘F. D. H.’) ‘On the Death of the Princess Charlotte’

(III, April 1818, pp. 5–8)

chapter |6 pages

Anon. (‘S. S.’) ‘Poetical Account of an Oxford Examination’

(III, June 1818, pp. 280–2)

chapter |10 pages

David Macbeth Moir (‘Morgan Odoherty’) 1 ‘Christabel, Part Third’

(V, June 1819, pp. 286–91)

chapter |6 pages

David Macbeth Moir (‘Morgan Odoherty’) ‘Billy Routing, A Lyrical Ballad’

(V, July 1819, pp. 433–4)

chapter |9 pages

John Hughes (?) (‘Bob Buller of Brazennose’) ‘Small Talk’

(V, September 1819, pp. 684–5)

chapter |11 pages

Felicia Hemans ‘The Meeting of Wallace and Bruce on the Banks of the Carron’

(V, September 1819, pp. 686–8)

chapter |5 pages

Samuel Taylor Coleridge ‘Fancy in Nubibus’

(VI, November 1819, p. 196)

chapter |5 pages

William Maginn (‘M. N.’) ‘Don Juan Unread’

(VI, November 1819, pp. 194–5) 1

chapter |7 pages

David Macbeth Moir (‘∆’) ‘Moods of the Mind, Numbers I–III’

(VII, April 1820, pp. 45–7)

chapter |16 pages

John Gibson Lockhart (‘James Scott, Esq.’) ‘The Testimonium. A Prize Poem.’

(VII, July 1820, pp. i–viii)

chapter |20 pages

William Gosnell (‘Fogarty O'Fogarty’) and William Maginn (‘R. T. S.’) ‘Daniel O'Rourke, An Epic Poem: Cantos I and II’

(V, August 1820, pp. 476–81; VIII, October 1820, pp. 40–5)

chapter |3 pages

David Macbeth Moir (‘∆’) ‘Sonnet to Haydon’ ‘Sonnet to Wordsworth’

(VIII, February 1821, pp. 526, 542)

chapter |6 pages

David Macbeth Moir ‘Napoleon’ ‘Stanzas, On the Death of Napoleon Buonaparte’

(IX, July 1821, pp. 367–8, 436–7)

chapter |5 pages

Caroline Bowles (‘C.’) ‘To a Dying Infant’

(IX, July 1821, p. 369–70)

chapter |5 pages

R. F. St Barbe ‘The Route’

(XII, October 1822, pp. 427–9)

chapter |14 pages

Caroline Bowles (‘Patience Lilywhite’) ‘Letter from a Washerwoman’

(XIII, February 1823, pp. 232–8)

chapter |6 pages

John Hughes ‘The Magic Lay of the One-Horse Chay’

(XVI, October 1824, pp. 440–2)

chapter |4 pages

William Maginn (‘Christopher North’) ‘Number a Hundred’

(XVII, May 1825, n.p.) 1