Contextualizes and annotates the influential, scandalous, and entertaining texts which appeared in the Blackwood's Magazine between 1817 and 1825. This title features a detailed general introduction, volume introductions and endnotes, providing the reader with an understanding of the origins and early history of Blackwood's Magazine.

chapter |20 pages

James Hogg (‘H.’) ‘Tales and Anecdotes of the Pastoral Life’

(I, April 1817, pp. 22–5; May 1817, pp. 143–7; June 1817, pp. 247–51)

chapter |11 pages

Walter Scott ‘Narrative of a Fatal Event’

(XII, March 1818, pp. 630–5)

chapter |19 pages

John Gibson Lockhart ‘Christian Wolf, A True Story. – From the German’

(III, September 1818, pp. 679–89)

chapter |11 pages

Daniel Keyte Sandford (‘E.’) ‘A Night in the Catacombs’

(IV, October 1818, pp. 19–23)

chapter |22 pages

James Hogg ‘The Shepherd's Calendar’

(V, April 1819, pp. 75–81; May 1819, pp. 210–16)

chapter |12 pages

J. H. Merivale ‘Tales from the Cloister’

(VII, May 1820, pp. 132–6)

chapter |17 pages

John Galt ‘The Ayrshire Legatees; or, The Correspondence of the Pringle Family. No. VI’

(VIII, December 1820, pp. 260–8)

chapter |9 pages

Thomas Doubleday (‘Josiah Shufflebotham’) ‘Shufflebotham's Dream’

(VIII, October 1820, pp. 3–7)

chapter |24 pages

John Howison ‘The Florida Pirate’

(IX, August 1821, pp. 516–31)

chapter |18 pages

Henry Thomson (‘Thomas Ticklepitcher’) ‘The Confessions of a Footman’

(XIV, November 1823, pp. 590–600)

chapter |12 pages

Caroline Bowles (‘A.’) ‘On Churchyards’

(XV, April 1824, pp. 467–72)

chapter |7 pages

William Maginn ‘The Suicide’

(XVI, August 1824, pp. 158–61)

chapter |10 pages

Caroline Bowles (‘A.’) ‘Chapters on Churchyards, Chapter IV’

(XVI, September 1824, pp. 317–21)