First published in 1942, Palestine is a brief history of Zionism, interspersed with a wealth of observation stimulation for the seeker of objective truth. The author develops his own theories of Jewish racialism, nationalism and colonization, and elaborates on the role of Britain with respect to Zionism in Palestine. He also expands on the binary of a spiritual Zionism and a territorial neo-Zionism stating that former believed in peaceful coexistence with the Arab population in Palestine, while the latter is only invested in aggressive nationalism. The language used is a reflection of its era and no offence is meant by the Publishers to any reader by this republication. This book will be of interest to students of history, political science, international relations and geography.

chapter Chapter I|15 pages

The Jew and the Mission of Israel

chapter Chapter II|11 pages

Messianic Zionism

chapter Chapter III|19 pages

The British Attitude

chapter Chapter IV|18 pages

Practical Zionism

chapter Chapter V|19 pages

Political Zionism

chapter Chapter VI|31 pages

The Balfour Declaration

chapter Chapter VII|12 pages

Zionism in Practice

chapter Chapter VIII|27 pages

The Mandate and Its Interpretation

chapter Chapter IX|15 pages

Britain and the Mandate

chapter Chapter X|21 pages

The Peel Commission

chapter Chapter XI|21 pages

The Next Step