Drawing on original designer interviews, this book explores how design interventions can and do support sex and gender equity and what barriers still stand in the way.

Isabel Prochner not only brings attention to sex and gender problems related to design artifacts but also provides a unique overview of creative design responses to these issues. The case studies and designer interviews provide new information about how designers can address these issues and the challenges they may encounter - whether that’s a lack of anthropometric data, trouble finding investment and business support, or even public resistance. Prochner brings together primary and secondary research and the most contemporary theories on sex, gender, and design.

This book will be of interest to scholars working in design studies, sex and gender studies, social design, design for health, industrial design, product design, fashion design, and interaction design.

1. Introduction  2. Personal Protective Equipment for Female Bodies and Intersectionality  3. Sex, Gender, and Intersectionality in Toy Design  4. Design for Men's Mental Health  5. Design for Femle and Intersectional Sexual Equity  6. Modest Sportswear for Women of Faith  7. Sex, Gender, and Intersectional Equity in Virtual Assistants  8. Design for Beautiful Bodies  9. Design Between and Beyond the Binaries