When this book was originally published in 1989 here had been virtually no studies of the country’s historical demography. This volume was significant for 3 reasons: it contributed greatly to the knowledge of India’s population history; it had major implications for the work of social and economic historians of India; and lastly the Indian context provides an excellent laboratory in which to investigate certain large-scale demographic phenomena – among others the experience of bubonic plague, influenza, cholera and famine.

1. Indian Historical Demography: Developments and Prospects 2. Deserted Villages and Depopulation in Rural Tamil Nadu c.1780-1830 3. The Mechanics of Demographic and Economic Growth in Uttar Pradesh: 1800-1900 4. Mortality and Fertility in India, 1881-1961: A Reassessment 5. Mortality, Fertility and the Status of Women in India 1881-1931 6. The Historical Demography of Berar, 1881-1980 7. Population Dynamics of Famine in Nineteenth Century Punjab, 1896-7 and 1899-1900 8. Influenza in India During 1918-19 9. Cholera Mortality in British India, 1817-1947 10. On the Comparative Historical Perspective: India, Europe, the Far East .