The Encyclopedia of Female Pioneers of Online Learning is the first volume to explore the lives and scholarship of women who have prominently advanced online learning. From its humble origins as distance education courses conducted via postal correspondence to today’s advances in the design and delivery of dynamic, technology-enhanced instruction, the ever-evolving field of online learning continues to be informed by the seminal research and institutional leadership of women. This landmark book details thirty preeminent female academics, including some of the first to create online courses, design learning management systems, research innovative topics such as discourse analysis or open resources, and speak explicitly about gender parity in the field. Offering comprehensive career profiles, original interviews, and research analyses, these chapters are illuminating on their own right while amounting to an essential combination of reference material and primary source.

Part 1 1. Initial Thoughts 2. Belawati, Tian 3. Beukas-Amiss, Catherine Margaret (Maggy) 4. Brindley, Jane Elizabeth 5. Burge, Elizabeth June (Liz) 6. Chen, Li 7. Fainholc, Beatriz 8. Farley, Helen 9. Gibson, Chere Campbell 10. Glennie, Jennifer (Jenny) 11. Gregory, Sue 12. Gunawardena, Chandra 13. Gunawardena, Charlotte Nirmalani (Lani) 14. Henri, France 15. Herring, Susan 16. Hiltz, Starr Roxanne 17. Jung, Insung 18. Kanwar, Asha 19. Keough, Erin M. 20. Koroivulaono, Theresa 21. Kurtz, Gila 22. Lamy, Thérèse 23. Meeks, Julie 24. Moran, Louise 25. Murray, Denise 26. Roberts, Judy 27. Seelig, Caroline 28. Simmons-McDonald, Hazel 29. Spronk, Barbara 30. von Prümmer, Christine 31. Young, Arlene M.C. Part 2 32. Analysis of Interviews 33. Final Thoughts Appendix A Interview Version A Appendix B Interview Version B