The future will bring only more megatrends and disruptions. With the guidance of this book, which centers around the authors’ years-of-research-backed high-performance organizations (HPO) framework and includes the unique self-assessment tool Futurize! Diagnosis, business leaders and organizations will be prepared and truly ‘future ready.’

The next two decades will present massive challenges for organizations, as they navigate the need for sustainable development against a complex backdrop of factors such as increasing inequality, resource scarcity, continued globalization, and the ever-increasing speed of technological advancement. This book will help business leaders and organizations set priorities and make decisions so that not only do they honor commitments to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but also become more future ready by:

  • identifying the megatrends and disruptors which impact organizations now and will in the future
  • specifically outlining how those megatrends and disruptors will impact organizations
  • showing how organizations can deal with this impact in practical terms.

This book is a must for management teams, aspiring leaders, and professionals and students interested in the future of work, human resource management, and innovation.

1. Purpose of this Book 2. Identification of the Megatrends and Disruptors 3. The High Performance Organization Framework 4. Megatrend 1: Speed of Technological Advancement 5. Megatrend 2: Flexbile Employment 6. Megatrend 3: Skills Mismatch 7. Megatrend 4: Sustainable Employment 8. Megatrend 5: Continued Globalization 9. Megatrend 6: Changing Workforce Composition 10. Megatrend 7: Increasing Inequality 11. Megatrend 8: Environmental Issues 12. Megatrend 9: Economic Power Shifts 13. Megatrend 10: Urbanization 14. Megatrend 11: Cross-Border Migration 15. Megatrend 12: Resource Scarcity 16. Megatrend 13: Individualism 17. Disruptor 1: Pandemics 18. The Futurize! Process