Empowered Leaders provides educators with a practical guide for incorporating critical social justice themes into enrichment programming for gifted students in grades 6-8.

Featuring options for differentiation, digital learning, and talent development, each chapter offers detailed lesson plans and activities based around grade level themes that build as the students progress through middle school. Accessible and reader-friendly, lessons are student-centered and designed to foster globally conscious thought, empathetic discourse, and sustainable problem-solving skills.

Ideal for individual, co-teaching, or small group programs, this helpful resource equips teachers with the tools to incorporate social justice into any subject or classroom.

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Curriculum Network Annual Curriculum Award 2020

1. Cultivating a Social Justice Mindset in Gifted Learners  2. Laying the Foundation: The Schoolwide Enrichment Model  3. How to Teach Social Justice in a Schoolwide Enrichment Model  4. Diversity  5. Justice  6. Action  7. Afterword  8. Appendix A-H