McDermott examines the origins, development and prospects for the Australia and Japan Defence and Security Relationship.

 In 1945, Japan and Australia were foes; today they are partners in security, defence and military matters, each the other’s most important strategic ally, after the United States. As the region faces threats from an increasingly assertive China, there is a growing prospect of conflict, particularly in Northeast Asia. McDermott discusses how Japan and Australia may cooperate in military action. Using previously classified government documents, and interviews with those involved in the decisions, as well as his own experiences, McDermott examines how political imperatives have shaped the security side of the A-JDSR. He offers new insights into the history and future of the relationship.

An essential read for students and scholars of Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific security.

1: The Australia-Japan defence and security relationship  2: A-JDSR History—political and security perspectives  3: A-JDSR History—defence and military perspectives  4: Australian and Japanese strategic postures and defence priorities  5: The A-JDSR—an alliance or an alignment?  6: The Future of the A-JDSR in a Regional Security Framework