This book demonstrates the promise of Christology for developing Scottish theologian T.F. Torrance’s theological anthropology.

T. F. Torrance’s Christological Anthropology: Discerning Humanity in Christ engages with several key themes in Torrance’s theological anthropology and considers how each one of these topics—anthropological method, the metaphysics of human nature, the imago Dei, personhood, vocation, human destiny—can be further developed in light of Christ. Chris Woznicki argues that Christology not only holds promise for the task of developing Torrance’s insights on humanity but also for developing a constructive account of humanity.

The volume is valuable reading for scholars of T.F. Torrance’s theology and for those who are interested in the role of Christology in theological anthropology.

Foreword by Oliver D. Crisp 1. Introduction: Approaching T. F. Torrance’s Theological Anthropology 2. Method: Torrance’s Christological Anthropology and Christ’s Fallen Human Nature 3. Nature: The Metaphysics of Human Beings 4. Image: The Relational, Dynamic, Ecstatic, and Christological Imago Dei 5. Personhood: Onto-Relational Christological Anthropology 6. Vocation: Called as Priests to Know and Care for Creation 7. Destiny: Christ’s Deification of Human Nature 8. Conclusion: A Torrancian Christological Anthropology