This book, first published in 1929, examines the history of Haiti and its long struggle for independence. The revolution against the French is treated in some detail, as is the story of the free Haitian republic that followed. Building a new country from slavery was no easy task, and another revolutionary period followed in the early twentieth century, which is also analysed alongside its aftermath.

1. The Spaniards  2. The French Colony of St.-Domingue  3. The Revolution  4. ‘First of the Blacks’  5. Dessalines, Dictator and Emperor  6. Christophe and Pétion  7. The Haitian Republic from 1818 to 1908  8. The Revolutionary Period, 1908–1915  9. The American Intervention  10. The Haitian–American Treaty  11. The Occupation  12. The Caco Uprising  13. National Elections  14. Haiti Today – What is Being Done  15. What Should Be Done