First Published in 2000. This is a research study that includes deep description, supported by research in organizational studies as well as Polish history, sociology and anthropology, of the perceptions of employees in a single Polish factory. This factory is experiencing the uncertainties and opportunities of tremendous change in external contingencies and internal operations. The employees in this factory are trying to adjust to a new owner and many new managers, the fear of lay-offs and confusion about the world in which they now find themselves.

Exhibits Preface Chapter 1. Introduction The Research Question, The Meaniing of Culture in this study, Webs of Resistence - Meaning Behind the title of this book, The Case, Research Approach and Assumption, Ethonographic Authority, The Organization of the Book Chapter 2. Culture, TQM and Poland Culture, Total Quality Management, Poland Chapter 3. Concentric Circles of Polish Life The Country, The Community, The Company Chapter 4. Research Design and Methods Research Design, Choosing Ethnography as Method, Data Collection Methods, Data Analysis, The Ethnographic tale Chapter 5. Social Organization Spies with Television sets, Influences on Social Organization, Cultural Values and Assumptions Chapter 6. Patterns of Shared Mindsets Insecurity and Instability, Trust, Distrust of the Government, Distrust within the Community, Distrust within the Organization, Responsibility, Individualism and Collectivism, The Struggle between Opposing Cultural Tendencies, Summary-Patterns of Shared Mindsets Chapter 7. Resistence ot Change The Quality Director and the Direction of Quality, Influences on the TQM Philosophy, TQM Values and Assumptions, TQM at the Lockem Factory, Summary Conflicting Values Chapter 8. Conclusion Contributions, Implication: Fatalism Interpretation? Reflections on the Process-Field Study Abroad