Originally published in 1955, and containing some 500 passages, this Biblical anthology brings together, in their original wording, the highest expressions of the Biblical view of life. The anthology is non-historical and non-doctrinal. It starts with the confrontations of man with God as seen in the ‘calls’ of the prophets, and proceeds to the ways of life demanded of man and the duties accompanying the privilege of vocation. It ends with the visions of the ideal society which in times of trial the author believes have sustained the mind. When this was first published, the anthology used often forgotten texts, and in so doing stimulated much attention to these enduring religious documents.

1. The Vision of the Almighty 2. The Knowledge of the Most High 3. The Everlasting God 4. Our Days of the Earth 5. The God of the Spirits of All Flesh 6. In Thee I trust 7. The Path of Life 8. The Ten Words 9. Everyone according to his Ways 10. My People, My Chosen 11. The God of Judgement 12. A Remnant Shall Return 13. The Vision for the Appointed Time 14. The End of the Matter.