The characters in this book communicate in different ways. Can you work out what they mean through their voices, gestures and expressions?

With growing concerns around mental health, and in the wake of a period of uncertainty and change, it is more important than ever to pay attention to how young children express their emotions, and to teach them to articulate their thoughts in a healthy way. This beautifully illustrated picture book has been created to teach children about the importance of communication, both in finding their own ‘voice’ and listening to others, however they communicate. By demonstrating how easy it can be to interpret a non-verbal communication system, it encourages children to notice and talk about non-verbal cues, giving them the opportunity to actively listen and reassuring them that they will be listened to.

When it comes to child and adolescent mental health issues, prevention and early intervention are key. The ‘serve and return’ format of this book provides a virtual space where children can explore thoughts and feelings, teaching them that they can feel safe and heard.

A Voice of My Own