Demand-Driven Business Strategy explains the ways of transforming business models from supply driven to demand driven through digital technologies and big data analytics.

The book covers important topics such as digital leadership, the role of artificial intelligence, and platform firms and their role in business model transformation. Students are walked through the nature of supply- and demand-driven models and how organizations transform from one to the other. Theoretical insights are combined with real-world application through global case studies and examples from Amazon, Google, Uber, Volvo and Picnic. Chapter objectives and summaries provide consistent structure and aid learning, whilst reflective questions encourage further thought and discussion.

Comprehensive and practical, this is an essential text for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students studying strategic management, marketing, business innovation, consumer behavior, digital transformation and entrepreneurship.

1. Introduction  2. Demand-Driven Versus Supply-Driven  3. Shifting from a Supply-Driven to a Demand Driven Economy: Digitalization  4. Community-Based Digital Business Models: Platforms  5. Machine learning: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in a Demand-Driven Model  6. Transforming Existing Business to Succeed in a Demand-Driven Economy  7. Building a Demand-Driven Business Model  8. Marketing in a Demand-Driven Economy: Data as Competitive Advantage  9. Transforming Organizations: From Digital to Demand-Driven  10. The New Playground for Organizations  11. Competition and Technology  12. The Road Ahead  13. Practical Research: Product-as-a-Service in Practice  14. Business Models and Comparison