Wesley had never thought much about his lifestyle or how he looked. He enjoyed eating his way through weekends in front of the telly with his mum. However, fate catapults him to a new life in East Africa and he is forced to face the negative impact that obesity is having on his life. When he rashly promises to climb Mount Kenya along with the rest of his class, an adventure in courage and determination begins …

This entertaining story explores some of the challenges faced by obese children and young people. It highlights both the physical limitations as well as the psychological problems associated with obesity, such as social isolation and low mood. The story explores the complicated web of factors that might cause a child to become obese and identifies some of the life altering changes that can come from a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Teaching lessons about kindness, friendship, bravery and determination, this is powerful reading for all children. It operates as a standalone story, and is also available as part of a set along with a supporting guide.

Down Mount Kenya on a Tea Tray: An Adventure with Childhood Obesity