Written by experts on innovation and growth, this book provides the necessary tools to systematically develop and sustain profitable innovation pipelines.

In a hypercompetitive global market, businesses must innovate to survive; yet the failure rate for innovation is extremely high. Strategists and thought leaders, Cheryl Perkins and Dr. Sanjay Mazumdar, offer a sophisticated yet practical approach for implementing successful innovation. Leveraging thought-provoking questions and powerful templates, the book outlines how companies can leverage core strengths, build internal innovation capabilities, partner effectively, and identify the promising areas to pursue. In addition, the book highlights emerging innovations in several major industries, providing fodder to fuel creative thinking and exploration of possible applications across a variety of different industries.

Managers and leaders will welcome the innovation insights and examples, as well as the templates to build an organization’s plan to diagnose patterns of innovation, identify opportunities, and apply emerging innovations in their own industries and businesses.

INTRODUCTION; GETTING THE MOST OUT OF THIS BOOK; SECTION I: DEFINING YOUR STRATEGY – INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH; 1. Three Horizon Framework for Short- and Long-Term Growth; 2. Core Strengths and Innovation Capabilities Advancement; 3. Strategic Partnerships and Their Role in Accelerating Innovation; 4. Socioeconomic Megatrends Driving Future Innovation; SECTION II: IDENTIFYING OPPORTUNITIES, PARTNERS, AND RESOURCES – EMERGING INNOVATIONS BY SELECTED INDUSTRIES; 5. Aerospace; 6. Automotive; 7. Chemical; 8. Building Construction; 9. Electronics; 10. Internet of Things (IOT); 11. Medical Devices; SECTION III. EXECUTING YOUR STRATEGY – INTEGRATING CORE CAPABILITIES WITH EXTERNAL OPPORTUNITIES; 12. Summary; CONCLUSION: MAPPING YOUR PLAN