This design for future-ready human resources is a futurist guide to the challenges and changes lying ahead in the world of work and offers a way forward. The world of work is evolving at an exponential rate, and significant shifts are expected. COVID-19 was a warm-up lap and an accelerator of changes, but many still lie ahead. Those changes are rarely addressed in current general HR thinking. At the same time, the growing complexity is making employees and employers alike anxious about the future of work.

This is an academic-grade book backed up by evidence-based trends and signals and offers pragmatic upskilling pathways. It is priceless in such an environment for forward-looking scholars and present-oriented, pragmatic industry captains and HR leaders compelled to find answers for their inevitably obsolescing, inorganically morphing workforce.

The book was written by the former Director of HEC Lausanne’s Executive MBA and founder of Executive Education of HEC Lausanne, with 12 years’ experience in leading and designing educational programs, together with a NATO- and U.S.-awarded futurist with experience in academic teaching and executives training. This volume offers metaphors to help convey the messages, a clear structure to plan for the decade to come, and several guidelines to follow.

1. Introduction 

2. Mythology 

3. Traits of Futures 

4. 22 New HR Disciplines  

5. Development Guidelines 

6. HR Leader 2030 

7. Afterword