This book presents a comprehensive overview of pelvic and sexual pain disorders in women and equips therapists to treat these issues in a culturally sensitive way, examining the link between unwanted sexual experiences and the development of sexual pain in later life.

Drawing on the wealth of recent research acknowledging the increased risk of developing a pelvic/sexual pain disorder in women who have experienced sexual trauma, Heather Lauren Davidson offers a much-needed resource for professionals within the essential context of the #MeToo movement. Chapters address a range of topics including types of sexual pain disorders, disparities in the mental health system that affect women’s access to treatment, how to establish treatment goals for individuals and couples, and effective relapse prevention plans. Illustrated throughout by vignettes and case studies, the book addresses a lack of knowledge in assessing and treating the experiences of these women and explores in depth how they face complex difficulties in accessing diagnosis and treatment.

Guided by culturally competent assessment and the use of evidence-based treatment techniques, clinicians will learn to effectively navigate the treatment of women presenting with pelvic/sexual pain disorders and sexual trauma.

1. #MeToo and Pelvic/Sexual Pain  2. Common Pelvic/Sexual Pain Disorders  3. Unwanted Sexual Experiences and Sexual Violence Against Women in the US  4. Parallel Pain: Pelvic/Sexual Pain and Unwanted Sexual Experiences  5. Culturally Competent Assessment for Women with Pelvic/Sexual Pain Disorders  6. Establishing Appropriate Treatment Goals  7. Treatment Techniques  8. Case Vignettes - Assessment and Treatment  9. Case Vignettes - Termination