Leading Schools Through Trauma is a data-driven resource for education leaders and administrators preparing to help students heal from acute traumas. Traumatizing experiences are inevitable and cyclical, and we see them at individual, local and large-scale levels. As a school leader you need concrete tools to help learners flourish in their wake, especially amid the challenges of our current moment. This book offers a strategic approach to sustaining community wellness and stability, using real-time, short-term data sets accessible to teachers, and guiding students toward incremental, progressive goal-setting. Evidence-based practices for recognizing traumas, scaling formative assessments and providing teachers with problem-based professional development will help you and your staff develop growth plans that are collaborative with and individualized for students.

1. Introduction: Our new world order and how to help traumatized students 2. Recognizing trauma in learners, micro and macro 3. Treating the trauma: resources and teacher sensitivity 4. Implementation and training on trauma: preparation and PD 5. Actionable ideas to institute right away 6. Formative assessment: establishing and applying what is most relevant 7. Goal setting- small wins psychology and why it matters 8. Instituting an individualized plan in collaboration with student(s) 9. Considerations for educators’ management of their trauma: how to grow as models for learners 10. Next level success: putting it all together to step into flow