First published in 1941, Marxism: Is it Science? was written to present the author’s criticisms of Marxism and, in doing so, to further exemplify his ‘Method of Instruction’ first proposed in an earlier work.

The book is divided into six parts to provide six complete presentations of Marxism and why the author considers it unscientific. The six different approaches, varying in focus and complexity, work together to give the reader a detailed overview of Marxism and the authors critique of it.

Foreword; Part 1: The World as Escalator; Part 2: The Trouble with Marxism; Part 3: The Religious Heritage; Part 4: The Marxian System; Part 5: Marx's Effort to be Scientific; Part 6: Revolution as a Scientific Enterprise; Part 7: Trotsky Defends the Faith; Acknowledgements; Notes and References; Index