This accessible book uses case studies to explore issues around intimacy, sexual function and sexual development over the lifespan, introducing applied principles and practices when working with sexuality-related issues.

Introducing an easy-to-use ‘Reflect and Respond’ model as a framework for interactions, this book discusses a broad selection of topics and life stages, including hidden loss, gender identity, disability, early years experiences and older age. Exposing anonymized real-life experiences of intimacy, sexual function, and sexual development from birth to end of life, this book develops the reader’s insight into sexual wellbeing and confidence in communicating about it. The experiential learning and research-based content in readable style will educate and inspire readers with an interest in sexual wellbeing and how this impacts on physical and mental health.

Demonstrating how being open to talk about sex and intimacy can change lives, this guide is suitable for a wide range of health and social care professionals, including nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists and counsellors.

1.Experiences in Early Years  2.Reproductive Years  3.Losses in Reproductive Years  4.Unexpected Outcomes and Sexual Development  5.Mental Health  6.Gender Identity, Sexuality and Difference in Sexual Desire  7.Sexual Health  8.Women’s Health  9.Marriage and Civil Partnership  10.Hidden Loss  11.Mid-Life  12.Older Age  13.Supervision