This book, first published in 1963, is an analysis of modern warfare in the enemy’s rear, written by the leading authority on irregular warfare, and stemming from a close examination of real-life examples. Rear warfare on scale poses many problems, such as the exact field of operations; supply line issues; combat or harassment; and coordination with frontline troops. There is also the issue of protecting one’s own rear troops.

1. The War in the Enemy’s Rear  Part 1. Unconventional Forces and their Tasks  2. The Genesis of Special Forces  3. Special Tasks and the War in Europe, Africa and the Pacific  4. Special Tasks in the Burma Campaign  5. Tasks of Special Forces with Partisans  6. Partisan Tasks  7. Structure of Special Forces and Partisan Movements  Part 2. Conventional Forces and their Tasks  8. Airborne Troops’ Operations  9. The Air Effort in the Rear  Part 3. The Rear Theatre of War  10. The Scope for Warfare in the Near Rear  11. The Scope for Warfare in the Far Rear  Part 4. The Front and Rear  12. The Interrelation Between Front and Rear Effort  13. The Control Structure  14. The War in the Rear of One’s Own Troops  15. Conclusions