First published in 1965, Envoy Extraordinary is a detailed biographical study of Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit and her contribution to India.

Drawing on a wealth of interviews, press-cuttings, speeches, letters, and more, the book delves into Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit’s political and diplomatic career and explores her personal values and ideals. It adopts an objective and truthful approach that does not steer away from the more difficult or disconcerting aspects of Pandit’s private and public life. In doing so, it provides a thorough study of her career and a detailed insight into India’s political history.

Foreword; 1: An Indian Prison; 2: A Prisoner Remembers; 3: Family in Revolt; 4: The Cost of a Crusade; 5: Courage in Herself; 6: Crusader into Ambassador; 7: Soviet Citadel; 8: Washington Embassy; 9: United Nations; 10: The Conquest of Britain; 11: Bombay and After; 12: Nightfall on the Jumna; Epilogue; Appendix; Index