Using Grading to Support Student Learning offers an accessible foundation for using grading practices to support student learning through classroom assessment. Purposeful, defensible grading and reporting mechanisms cannot be neglected in today’s reform climate, and new approaches are needed to understand and refine the roles of homework, formative and summative assessments, and standards across grade levels. Evidence-based and full of illustrative examples, this book bridges research and theory on grading and assessment with classroom practices for pre-service and in-service teachers and fresh perspectives for educational researchers studying grading practices.

1. A Grading and Assessment Model that Supports Student Learning  2. Grading and Homework: Moving from Points to Practice  3. Grading and Formative Assessment: Transitioning from Points to Preview  4. Grading and Summative Assessment: Migrating from Points to Proficiency  5. Grading to Support Student Learning: Standards-Based Grading