Originally published in 1966 and written at a time when UK housing policy was undergoing major changes, this volume provides a substantial historical introduction which outlines the development of housing policy in the UK from the mid 19th – mid 20th Centuries. Discussion of the administrative framework, the powers of local housing authorities, housing standards, finance and the improvement of older housing follows. Other issues covered include the social aspects of housing and the role of the state and the objectives of state action.

1. An Historical Sketch 2. The Administrative Framework 3. Local Authority Housing Administration 4. Local Authority Housing and Housebuilding 5. Council House Tenants 6. Standards for New Housing 7. Housing Finance 8. Slum Clearance 9. Improvement of Older Houses 10. Overcrowding and Multiple Occupation 11. Aid to Owner-Occupiers and Housing Associations 12. Some Social Aspects of Housing 13. Council Housing – A Wider View