Ten years ago, the first edition of this book asked why there was such a low number of women filling leadership roles and outlined what it took for women to succeed in their careers. Since then, headline numbers have gone up but has there been real change? This new edition continues a deep investigation into underlying issues and coaching responses. Building on the first edition’s original research with the London School of Economics, the authors revisit all assumptions, adding millennials and beyond, as well as a broader selection of industry sectors. In this book, you will find:

  • How to build a business case for coaching women specific to your organisation.
  • Which areas of coaching are the most useful at which stage of long careers – not just age.
  • Refreshed interviews with past and new women leaders.
  • Specific tools and techniques to develop women leaders and build more women-friendly organisations.

The original research clearly stands, so do the core elements of coaching that lead to success. This book will be of great interest to coaches, women leaders, professional managers and academics.

List of figures and tables Preface 01. Why women? – The need to differentiate in coaching 02. Why bother with women leaders? – The business case for coaching 03. What are the critical stages of a woman’s career and their coaching requirements? 04. What do women want? – Reporting the results of our research 05. In search of role models – conversations with exemplary women 06. 10 years on – what our role models report? 07. Coaching women to lead – a systematic approach to coaching women for success 08. What makes a strong leader? – A model for women’s leadership development 09. How to develop a woman-friendly organisation 010. Conclusions Bibliography Appendix: The research Index