Taking a novel approach to the subject of leadership, this book uses its dark side as a vehicle to highlight some important leadership lessons, helping all managers to reflect on their own performance.

The Impostor Leaders clarifies what is meant by genuine leadership, focusing on the fact that leading and managing go hand in hand. Based on this ability to consistently combine the leadership and management roles, this book describes in detail and practical terms, using real-world examples, the range of good and bad leader-types seen in organizations today. The Leadership Wheel is also introduced as a conceptual framework to isolate eight types of leaders across four categories.

Appealing to leaders and managers across industry sectors, this book’s substantial analysis of bad leadership gives readers a tangible framework against which to consider their own capabilities.

Preface, Introduction 1. Leadership in Context 2. The Many Faces of Leadership 3. The True Face of Leadership 4. A Darker Side to Leadership 5. When Leaders Go Bad 6. Blinded by How They Think 7. Constrained by Who They Are 8. Exposed by What They Do  Conclusion: Looking to the Future