Innovative and accessible, this book provides a roadmap for designing school environments that address the needs of English learners (ELs). Offering a wealth of resources to support school leaders working with multilingual students, Auslander and Yip explain how a systems thinking approach enables the development of stronger school-wide multi-tiered systems of support and can lead to meaningful, context-specific solutions that set up ELs for success. With vignettes, case studies, and tools for readers in each chapter, the book not only identifies what effective practices look like but also outlines methods to help effectively implement culturally and linguistically responsive teaching. This book covers relevant topics in the field, including

  • Teacher team inquiry, planning, and collaboration
  • Social-emotional learning in planning and instruction
  • Culturally and linguistically responsive, trauma-informed assessment and interventions
  • Effective leadership strategies

Perfect for district, school and teacher leaders, this book includes concrete strategies, tools, and resources for implementing research-informed improvements to support different categories of multilingual learners, including newcomers, students with interrupted education, and long-term ELs.

Chapter 1: Building dynamic systems for multilingual learner success

Chapter 2: The role of teacher team inquiry in linguistically responsive instruction

Chapter 3: Integrating social-emotional learning into school-wide planning and instruction

Chapter 4: Building system resilience with a multilingual learner data framework 

Chapter 5: Leading school improvement for multilingual learners

Appendix A. Chapter 2

Appendix B. Chapter 3

Appendix C. Chapter 4

Appendix D. Chapter 5