This book provides a highly accessible yet practical guide to all aspects of arbitration, from the drafting of an arbitration agreement through to the award, including enforcement and appeals. Being comprehensive in its approach, every stage of the arbitral process under the Arbitration Act 1996 is covered including a separate chapter covering special types of arbitration such as consumer schemes and arbitrations under statute. Written in simple non-legalistic language and intentionally general in its coverage, it should be of relevance to arbitration matters whatever trade or profession practised.

Chapter 1.  A brief history of arbitration in Great Britain  Chapter 2.  Introduction to Arbitration Law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland  Chapter 3.  Arbitration Agreements  Chapter 4.  Appointment  Chapter 5.  The Arbitrator  Chapter 6.  Multi-Member Agreement Tribunals  Chapter 7.  The Preliminary Meeting  Chapter 8.  Preparation For The Hearing  Chapter 9.  Court Assistance and Intervention  Chapter 10.  The Hearing  Chapter 11.  The Ward  Chapter 12  Costs of Arbitration  Chapter 13.  Other Types of Arbitration.