First published in 2013. This two-part, eight-volume, reset edition draws together a range of sources from the early modern era through to the industrial age, to show the changes and continuities in responses to the social, political, legal and spiritual problems that self-murder posed. Part II, Volume 8 contains 1800–1850: Medical Writers (continued), Statistical Inquiries, Social Criticism, Poetic and Popular Representations and Cases.

chapter Chapter XIII|12 pages

Statistics of Suicide

chapter Chapter XV|35 pages

Singular Cases of Suicide

chapter |17 pages

Observations, &C. &C. &C

chapter |31 pages

Fox, ‘on Suicide’

chapter |4 pages

Hart, Anti-Suicide, a Poem

chapter |104 pages


chapter |7 pages

Gillies, Egbert; or, the Suicide

chapter |12 pages

Combe, ‘the Suicide’

chapter |8 pages

Topical Broadsides

chapter |22 pages

Broadside Ballads

chapter |8 pages

Anon., ‘Parricide and Suicide’

chapter |14 pages

Anon., ‘Death of Sir Samuel Romilly’

chapter |7 pages

Margaret Moyes

chapter |8 pages

Suicide of Miss Moyes