First published in 2004. Consisting of both shorter pieces and reprints of entire books, this set restores to circulation a number of key texts from the debate about the future of welfare that took place in Britain following the depression. The collection covers the following areas: The period during which the country felt the full impact of the world depression. A number of solutions were put forward during this time to address the arising issues - in particular the consequences of mass unemployment. The approaches ranged from orthodox Marxism to modified conservatism and "middle opinion" A key feature of the debate was the concept of planning as a device to enable governments to cope with economic and social problems. * A range of different ideas were widely canvassed during the war years. It was considered that successful conduct of war could then be applied to the problems of peace. This set resurrects certain proposals, influential in the climate of the times, which have subsequently dropped out of circulation Early assessments dealing with the implications of Welfare State legislation are also included. Although the implementation of the welfare programme was in effect a bipartisan process it did not take long for doubts to be expressed - some of which were directed at the principles on which the Welfare State was being constructed. Volume 9 includes The Unservile state by George Watson et al.

part Book One|99 pages

The Liberal Outlook

chapter Chapter I|14 pages

Liberty and Welfare

chapter Chapter II|27 pages

The Reform of Parliament

chapter Chapter III|34 pages

Civil Liberties

chapter Chapter IV|22 pages

Property and Equality

part Book Two|48 pages

Liberty in the Welfare State

chapter Chapter V|18 pages

Welfare in the Liberal State

chapter Chapter VI|17 pages

The Geography of Liberty

chapter Chapter VII|11 pages


part Book Three|94 pages

The Economics of Liberty

chapter Chapter VIII|26 pages

The Dynamics of Progress

chapter Chapter IX|20 pages

Relations in Industry

chapter Chapter X|24 pages


chapter Chapter XI|22 pages


part Book Four|63 pages

The International Setting

chapter Chapter XII|20 pages

Britain in the World

chapter Chapter XIII|33 pages

Colonies to Commonwealth

chapter Chapter XIV|8 pages

The Challenge of Liberalism