The eight books reprinted in this set played an important role in defining attitudes and expectations about imperialism on the British Left in the twentieth century. They are vital in understanding the transition from the liberal anti-imperialism of the nineteenth century to the more overtly socialist critiques of the twentieth.

chapter Chapter I|38 pages

The Balance of Power

chapter Chapter II|48 pages

“Real Politics”

chapter Chapter III|34 pages

The Egyptian Model

chapter Chapter IV|26 pages


part II|178 pages


chapter Chapter V|17 pages

On Pacifism

chapter Chapter VI|24 pages

Socialism and Anti-Militarism

chapter Chapter VII|21 pages

The Control of Policy

chapter Chapter VIII|35 pages

The Control Of Finance

chapter Chapter IX|26 pages

On Armaments

chapter Chapter X|30 pages

The Concert of Europe

chapter Chapter XI|23 pages

A Postscript on Peace And Change