Following on from the huge success of Boys Don’t Try? this essential new book answers nine key questions about how teachers and schools can best tackle boys’ academic underperformance. For decades schools have grappled with the most significant barriers to male academic success: a lack of motivation to succeed, poor attitudes to learning, lower literacy levels and a reluctance to read for pleasure or write at length. In this compelling book, Mark Roberts provides clear answers about how teachers can tackle ‘The Boy Question’.

Each chapter answers a frequently asked question about how best to teach boys, outlining the issue and demonstrating what can be done about it. Informed by a wealth of research and the author’s personal experience of successfully teaching boys, this book offers an abundance of practical advice for the busy classroom teacher. It will shine a light on what makes boys tick and how we can design effective curriculums to ensure they can best acquire powerful knowledge.

With practical advice and examples to help address anti-social attitudes and stem the cycle of boys’ underachievement, this is essential reading for all teachers and school leaders.

Introduction  Part A: Motivating boys to work hard  1. How can I motivate boys to succeed in my classroom?  2. How should I react to boys who misbehave in my classroom?  3.Do boys need male teachers as role models?  Part B: Instilling high expectations in boys  4. How can I improve the study skills of the boys I teach?  5. How can I give boys effective feedback?  6. What do high levels of challenge for boys look like?  Part C: Developing boys’ literacy  7. How can I improve boys’ academic writing?  8. What can I do to get boys reading?  9. How can I improve boys’ creative writing?